• What we feel emotionally, manifests physically

  • Emotions affect every single cell in our body. What we feel emotionally, manifests physically. If we feel stressed, it will often manifest in our physical body as tension in our neck or shoulders.

    Likewise, anxiety, overwhelm, guilt, grief or sadness… these emotions can become our reality and if that is how we feel, that is how our body responds.

  • Smell has the power to change mood

  • Essential Oils have the ability to interrupt and positively influence our reactions to these emotions.

    Of all the senses, smell is the fastest sense to change your mood. The nerves that enable us to register smells are hot-wired into the mood control of your brain. Kinesiologists focus on part of the Limbic System called the Amygdala which drives mood, behaviour and emotions. The aromatic molecules you smell, have the power to change your mood.

  • Aromatherapy can help us cope

  • If you anchor these aromas with positive moods, and feelings, you can improve how you cope in life. You can control how you ‘breathe’ through your day, how you sleep at night, how you cope.

    Take a moment to think about your own associations with smell. The smell of cut grass can transport you back to your childhood, while the smell of fresh bread can make us feel warm and homely.

    Similarly, every essential oil has an array of unique properties, that can affect our memory, emotions and mood.

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Our process


First, we take the time to understand and recognise the intense emotions that one might experience during a challenging time.


Using Aromatherapy, we then handpicked specific oils that can support us through those emotions. For example lavender soothes, clary sage pacifies and neroli comforts.


Kinesiology is a complementary therapy that uses muscle monitoring (biofeedback), we use this to identify imbalances and blockages in the body. Primarily we are finding the essential oils that will support your mind, body and soul.


Finally, we carefully combine each essential oil to create the targeted blend that not only smells beautiful but is also effective in supporting the individual emotionally.


All of our blends are hand made in small batches with expertise and love.

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